Maybe baby?

I came across a journal SB & I had while we were working at petsmart together & I got curious what was said & how me 3 years ago used to think and write. Interestingly enough, it sent me back to this aryatny. I hella forgot I had a wordpress. jeezus! thank god some things are still up on the internet. however, for ex., xanga (obey your thizz & mahj is thee coolest 8) retired. everything that was written is gone. WHY!

that’s my childhood gone! thanks much xanga.

anyways maybe i’ll come back on here consistently. i’m thinking i should so at least my friends and family and even I can look back at memories.

Anyways got clinicals tomorrow and gotta work out before that. Oh yea, I’m in nursing school ;P

Samuel Merritt University yee.


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