I am finally home in the Philippines, at last!

We left at 10:55pm from SFO and arrived to Ninoy Aquino International Airport at 3:55am — that’s 12:55pm in the U.S.! FYI: Philippine time is 15 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.  My iPhone4 is on Airplane mode and I deactivated all my Push Notifications & Email accounts connected to my iPhone– I hope this won’t charge me for Roaming.  Just want to be able to take pictures and videos & what not.

Anyways! The flight was pretty good–the landing was soooo SMOT (smooth) ! We went to my Tito Jun’s house, Tito Jess & Tita Eve picked us up.  I swear Tito Jun is hilarious–he’s the eldest, most responsible, successful (monetarily), & funny as heck.  He really kept the “Kid At Heart.” Longan (which I mistaken for Lychee) is  soooo yummy!  Oh, btw, I screamed out of nowhere “WOOT WOOT!!!!! YEEHEE! WE’RE HOME!”

We left & got Subway, which isn’t the same.  It isn’t as good here, but then we also got mais (corn) on the side when we were on the way from Manila to Nueva Ecija/Cabanatuan City.  We stopped by the farm, which we call “Soledad” (it’s 100 hectors, which is huuuuge, and sections belong to each of my mom and her siblings).

I got jetlag so bad, so when we were on the road, I KO’ed a few times.  We finally arrived home, and you CANNOT believe how excited I was to see my Mama Tina (my grandma, she’s turning 80 on Sunday!)

We got in and I came in and hugged her on the couch for a long time, so happy! She started to shed tears of joy! (((: We’re complete again.

Idk exactly what is ahead of us, but all I know is that we have 18 days here, or less, and I’m gonna make the most out of it! I love it, so excited! I miss REDHORSE–best believe, we will be hittin’ that shit up soon!  Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to see Paolo or anything! wah! But we’re gonna push to go to Palawan!!!! heygirlhey!

Time to take my daily nap! Adios!


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