Just realized: I’m not working double today!

It has been several months that I didn’t work double days! Usually every friday, I work at Madonna 7am-3pm, and then Petsmart 4pm-10pm.  But I looked at my schedule last night before I went to bed and whaddayaknow? I’m off from PS today! woooooohoooo i seriously needed this.  I’m going home after work to work out ( which i haven’t done in so long! ) then maybe hang out with Francis, maybe mentor, and I DEFINITELY want to shop!!! howluh!

I haven’t even packed for the Philippines yet.  My mom’s been stressing me over her post-bankruptcy stuff and It was hell working with her all morning til’ 6pm yesterday.  That shit is whack. Well, we got it all done.  Bad news is that 1. I didn’t get to finish my last project for this week for Barangay Marketing/Recruitment and, 2. I didn’t get to go to Davis this week with SB before her school starts.  We planned to go to the campus to explore a little before school but work has and everything else has been consuming me. Seriously consuming me. It’s okay, I’ll come visit you soon, love! When I come back from Philippines (october 13).

I talked to Alex, my manager at PS, and I requested to go to the salon when I come back from the Philippines.  I want to do this so badly! If this happens for me I’ll really stay with PetSmart foreverrrrrr. ha kidding– i meant for a lengthy time.

I’m working at Madonna right now, munching on this salad (lettuce, tomatoe, onions, corn, and chicken breasts)so yummy right now.  I also brought from home, Red Grapefruit in a cup! Oh which reminds me– I donated blood yesterday! Hooray for saving a life (or atleast, contributing to it)! 

I really can’t wait to go to the Philippines.  I can’t believe it’s coming already! Next week, can YOU believe? ah! I still haven’t gotten the little ones anything.  I was thinking of getting them shoes, but they might hate them.  Or hate the ones I pick for them.  I was thinking of getting them J’s. ;PPPPPP howboutthat! NinangJordan–the best ninang ever. hehehe jk.

Okay, well it’s time to start on HW; I have my first test eval. due on Tuesday so this, I must get out of the way during work.  Hopefully it’ll speed things up over here. 

Adios muchachos!


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