busy busy busy busy busy busy fuck!

I am SO sorry I have been missing-in-action.

Here’s a quick overview of what I’ve been up to:

  • 40 hours of work at Madonna SAF: ugh! I love working and all but it is not the business when I’m a night owl and I have morning shifts to cover.  Jerry (usual morning shift worker) got punched in the face by a Living Room client and so he has been out recovering and taking a sick-leave.
  •  Interview processes for Mercy Housing: Interview went well! Ate Amy and I tag teamed cause we were both interviewed together.  I should anticipate to hear from them this coming week.  Tito Bonjun said I shouldn’t worry, he talked to Cathy.  Hopefully I get full-time or part-time.  either way, this means it is likely I’ll have to leave PetSmart soon enough
  • Petsmart 17 hours this week: Pretty low.  But next week I’m working 30 hours haha! Sure is funny how life successfully finds equilibrium.  No breaks! Oh, there are two new employees- Devan & Suzanne.  Sandra was telling me how Suzanne has been making her go crazy.  Giving the wrong change, kind of boring– i’d say she’s lacking.  After working more with Devan today, she seems cool.  They both need to be more attentive.
  •  Developmental psychology readings for week 3, chapter notes, discussion questions, and week 3 assignment; ugh hella prenatal development, pregnancy-kind-of topics! I want kids so bad! Miles need to andalay! hehe. jk. (not really!) Oh and is Jeianne pregnant?!?!? She has a facebook status saying: “I’m 13 weeks and I’m craving twizzler sticks,” somewhere along those lines.  If she is, I am out of this world.  MAJOR JEALOUSYYYYY!
  • There was a fire downstairs on Saturday early morning 3am; so crazy. Tito Rick is ok–the microwave caught on fire but the smoke was UNBELIEVABLE.  Black smoke everywhere I smelled it all the way to my room and in Ate’s room.  Smell was so potent in my room– I can’t believe how he underwent that.  He couldn’t breathe for a little while after, he went to Seton.  But now all the windows and doors are broken down, messes everywhere! Thanks to the firefighters–fineassfirefighters…anyways!
  • Barangay Dancing: Next solo will be this coming Saturday 630pm– BINASUAN! Been practicing this more and more and I have little troubles towards the ending–I KEEP SPILLING EEEE!
  •  Joined the Barangay Company’s Marketing & Communications Team: My official name is Recruitment Coordinator and Secretary/Clerk.  I basically have been doing so much! On Thursday, we had our monthly Community Dance Workshop and I was teaching these two guys, one guy was super uncoordinated– but I later was told by Tito that they were probably drunk haha! crazies geese.  But anyways– I volunteered to do the minutes and serve as the company’s clerk.  I’ve been getting a bit frustrated because I’ve been doing a lot of work, we have deadlines and no one else is realizing the realities of our projects and deadlines.  My co-team members are slacking, and I mean… I know that it’s tough, everyone has their own thing, everyone is busy–but if it’s too much to handle, why take on the tasks/responsibilities?  Yadadadamean? So i’ve been doing so much administrative work, and I really just want Barangay to thrive.  I’m doing Marketing/Advertisement work, I have to contact people, make 2 versions of PSA’s, complete the compiling list of news organizations, plan the field work, AAAAND make the Community Dance Workshop signs. hehe.  The last one is easy, but still.  But I mean, on the positive side– I’m glad this is scary/real ass work that I’m doing for Barangay.  We’re building to cultivate a strong foundation, and so that we can pass the torch down to next generations.  Good training.  Tita was actually pretty impressed that I know the professional office etiquette– I truly have Krista (City Clerk of SSF), Attorney Gittel Gordon, and my other internship/opportunities with political related events I participated in.  Truly, truly grateful.  Who would have known ?
  • Philippines Trip is coming up!: this also means I need my pasalubongs done! yikes! I’m a little struggling with $krillaz, but I know I need to get pasalubongs for my cousin, Didoy, my 3 God-Children (Booboo, GingGing, & Brian).  Packing might be a challenge since my projects for BDC is on-going and my psyc class. I can’t wait to see the kids & Mama Tina!
  • MOM’S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY (SEPTEMBER 5) ! She is officially 53 years old! wootwoot! Sister & I got her a Louie Vuitton Bag.







The LV speedy 30 Damier.  A total of $840.00
Not bad for Louie Vuitton huh? Bags over there can easily get up to $2,000+
Hope she likes this.  I’ll be getting her flowers from Trader Joes later–which means I have to get up early!

Tomorrows Agenda:

– Get Mom Flowers @ Trader Joes!
– Do laundry
– Insanity (ugh I’m at 210lbs. gained a pound, ano baaaa!)
– Dinner with the family
– Meet up with Truth Esguerra of Philippine News to further our discussions on marketing for Barangay & catch up.
**no work, thank God!

Okay I must get some rest.

Goodnight to all, and to all, a goodnight!


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