eeeeeeks, serious catching up to do.  It’s 2:38pm on Aug 30 and I’m working at SAF right now, I dont’ think i’ll be able to finish before my shift ends in 22 minutes. But it’s worth getting it started:

Saturday, Aug. 27: Debuted Paunjulay at (Wawa Jay’s youth group based in Oakland) ACPA’s annual show, in Antioch!!!  Oh man, you can’t imagine how nervous I was! I was so excited about my costume and actually doing it on the real stage, in front of a real audience! Audiences don’t really scare me anymore–its easy to just perform now.  I think when you really love what you do, other viewers don’t break you like how it does in the beginning.

Ok, I’m digressing– so we did the 1st Run Through: ugh! it wasn’t that great! It was the first time that we were working out the small transitioning junk, on an actual stage.  Parangal, Kariktan was there too.  Kimmy offered to help me out with some moves and it was really helpful.  I’m even more motivated to perfect that damn dance.  2nd Run Through: Went a lot better, more smoother.  That’s all the time we had.  I went ahead & started on my make-up [which i will be posting up a picture very soon, once I figure it out ahehe] and got the rest of my costume. Then we had to learn a choreo-piece Wawa wanted to end it with called “Palawan March.”  Wawa is brilliant.  He worked on the transitioning between dances; and he made Mentor’s solo, Linggisan, end by going to the corner of the stage, where me and Lao were waiting to go on– and “fetch us” out on stage, as he finishes– and we’ll be at center-stage when he finishes at up-stage left. UGH BRILLIANT.

2:30pm We had cast green-room call & then the show was on.  Ah! At this point I’m freaking out! Felt a bit unprepared.  And then I remembered how much I wanted this dance and how excited I was for it.

Fast forwarding: we were on deck.  Lao was antsy & jumping up and down & pacing.  He kept saying ” i’m so nervous, omg i can’t believe we’re about to perform the most difficult dance in Philippine Folkdance history.” & then I was trying to calm myself down trying to think of the figures–& OMG i couldn’t think of it! I blanked! I was brainfarting really bad.

BRB. Edit later.

Anyways–so yea i was brainfarting! So the dance begun.  And it all just came to me.  Instead of thinking of the next move, it just all came out naturally.  & I think that’s the only way to really go about things. Henry got tired at the end & I think we did pretty good for it to be our first solo.  I want to keep working at it to perfect it.  I had a few tips from Kimmy & I’m going to incorporate & be more aware of my movements during practice.

This Thursday we have our monthly free community dance workshops! I think we’re teaching fan dancing for Singkil.  yayy, excited. I hope new people come.  I really want our membership # to increase; it would really help me thrive as a dancer too and for the foundation of the dance company.  #focused.

WORK: I’ve been working a lot for Madonna SAF, and the transition for Mercy Housing is suppose to happen at the beginning of October.  I’ll be in the Philippines when this happens.  On Monday, I interviewed for a Part-Time/On-Call position; & I recently told the facilitator, Ally, that I’m interested in full-time as well.  This’ll have to change when Spring semester happens.  And it’s pretty convenience because Mercy Housing has a lot of properties around the area, even in Daly City/Pacifica! Hopefully if I do become On-Call for them– I can have a lot of hours jumping from building to building.  I’m very optimistic about this. & if I get something regular/Part-Time/Full-Time: I’m gonna quit at PS just because right now it’s financially hurting me to drive to San Carlos for 4-hour shifts.  It won’t for a while that I can go into the Salon Dept.  #moneyovereverything #moneyonmymind #drake

haha! Plus, I really need to save up to start paying off my Student Loan Debt from UCSD ugh such a waste! But yea $3,669.00 I think with interest 4.5% it’s $4,000+ ugh! So my grace period ends September 18.  I’ll have to start paying in October waah!

OOO randum: I applied for Chase Checkings Account! aww yeeee! I’m thinking about completely transferring from BofA to Chase.  Whaddayathink?

Oh yeeea I premiered my first performance of Pandango Sa Ilaw/Oasias! Can you believe that was the first dance I learned & I never performed it until now? hehe. suhweeeet.

I’m sure that I haven’t fully updated you yet, when I think about it, I’ll come back to mention it.

One love.



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