Hi Aryatny!

Here is how my day went:
-SAF Madonna 7am-3pm: I had my small hot chocolate from the corner doughnut shop–always starts my morning off right! I had apple juice and Blueberry apple sauce.  Pretty busy, lots of requests for cabs from residents & cabs weren’t being compliant! I had to call Luxor, DeSoto & Yellow–waited on the phone for over 10 minutes for each hotline, ruuuuude!  Hmm… shift went by pretty quickly; tried to do some Psyc readings but kind of fayoled on thatttt.  For the most part, I just watched youtube videos/other versions of Paunjulay–tried to find some inspiration that will motivate me to dance it stronger for tomorrows performance.  John the architect was there with two other contractors.  I have my interview for Mercy Housing on Monday 1:40pm & thank god I don’t have work at PetSmart that day and time! yeeeeeeaaay! Then Del came to relieve me.

-Home to nap for 45 minutes; got ready to leave for PetSmart.  Hit Traffic & it sucked pretty bad.  Drivers on that freeway are all super slow & annoying.  I think my stress level heightens everytime I drive to work just cause of the drivers there. aha.

-PetSmart 5pm-10pm: I worked with Melissa, Joe, Sandrav, CindAy & Hector–shift went by pretty fast.  It’s usually like that when I work with my faves aka “Dream Team” CindAy, CindBy, Sandrav, Melissa & Asparagus (the store’s new ugly bird).  I heard Asparagus is biting hard now–its cause he heard everyone talk shit about how ugly he is.  I bet he won’t bite me, he knows i love him from the bottom of my heart. hehe!

-Post PetSmart: I showed CindAy & Sandrav my costume for paunjulay so excite! I was willing to take off my khaki’s in the parking lot LOL. #shitbabyshit.I went home, talked to my director about dance and auditions for the Tagabanuwa Project that Wawa is conducting and other stuff for an hour.  Tita Rons is really hip.  I trust her, I tell her everything about what I think and feel about dancing and my passion for it etc.

– Workout: Cardio Recovery.  I pushed myself to do Insanity, then I rehearsed the piece 5 more times, worked on small things so my body remembers.  Showered & hoping my hair is big and nice & fluffy for tomorrow ahah! But on the positive note: I am officially 209.0 lbs. Started off at 228lbs. #LehGo! (hehe)

Random thoughts: hmm, I only work 16 hours next week at petsmart–weird! I really can’t sleep because of thinking about tomorrow.  And I still wonder why Em didn’t want the solo.. Everyones being really supportive but I just wanna knooow why she declined the offer for the dance.  Tita was like “I would’ve said ‘then why are you here?'” awww shiiaaahhhhiiiet!

K well i hope and pray that tomorrow goes perfectly.  Want to make a lasting impression on the other dance companies and Wawa.  I want to get a lead recommendation for Wawa’s project & maybe for Ethnic.  if i get either or, I will be so damn happy.  And as I’ve mentioned to Tita Rona before: I would have never thought [Philippine Folk]dance would be of such importance for me.  Didn’t know it would be a big part of my life, I had no idea.  Hah, go figure!

Goodnighty.  I’ll edit about how this days go.  For now I will sleep for 6+ hours.

All the best,



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