paunjulay debut.

GREAT NEWS: I lost 3 more lbs! Overall weight loss is 18 lbs. awwww yeeeeaaaaa buddy! (:

“Love, can’t you see I’m alone? Can’t you give this fool a chance? A little love, is all I ask, a little kindness in the night.  Please don’t leave me behind.  No don’t tell me love is blind, a little love, is all I ask–and that is all.  Will I ever find another? Maybe he has found another. And as I cry myself to sleep.  I know this love of mine I’ll keep ocean deep.”

This song was stuck in my head all morning at work. 
Anyways–Miles called me a little earlier & we talked for a bit.  He called me on his break.  I see that he’s trying and he’s putting in the effort.  But when I said “I miss you.” he did his JTJ laugh: “aha!” and that’s it SO PACKING RUUUUUUUUUHHHDE!
Speaking of the Devil, he just called me right now 12:15p & guess what? yea another chick was asking him 30-40 questions at Foot Action/Foot Locker.  He gets those kind of encounters pretty often.  I keep calling him “Chick Magnet” & he gets upset when I do–but it’s true. 

Oh & the minute I mentioned the SF Giants Filipino Heritage Night game, he said ” Oh i’ll check my schedule & i’ll let you know.” –end subj. I’m not sure how sincere he was about checking his schedule.  Didn’t sound enthused.

Anyways. So im working at SAF Madonna 7am-3pm, then PetSmart 5pm-10pm.  After work, i’m gonna go home, put on my costume full set & take pictures & try performing in it [INCLUDING KNEE WALKS YEEKS!]
I’ve got to perfect this. 

No space for shortcomings.

I’ll keep you updated Aryatny.


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