“This is hella your year, Joy.” — Mentor

I’ll update later gotta sleep.


________________________________________________edit 26 AUG 2011

Sorry about cutting it short.  So here’s yesterday’s health/fitness summary:


  1. Insanity – Cardio Power & Resistance [30 min]
  2. Dance Practice [7p-10:30p]


  1. one slice of pound cake with some pieces of blueberries & coconut
  2. chicken breast [fist-full] & ketchup 
  3. small cup of apple sauce, POMEGRANATE flavor [wootwoot delisshhh!]

Practice was fun! Em & I went over Paunjulay plenty of times, corrected a few small details about the dance & got casted at the end of practice.  We went over Saturday afternoon’s program: Linggisan, Paunjulay, then Mangalay Tambour! This is probably the best set i’ve ever had.  I love muslim suite! it’s so sexy & dynamic! Then we went over the Barrio program for Saturday evening’s performance. Mentor wanted me to do my first Binasuan solo but both Tito and I were pretty skeptical about doing the double arm move haha! Need to practice a little more. Just a little bit harder.  I”m damn motivated though, no doubt about it.

ah, i’m super nervous about Paunjulay.  I wore the costume that Tito brought & it’s kinda small but it stretches so it’s all good.  I feel SO LEGIT when I wear it–no lie, it’s my favourite costume. I’ll try to take a picture and post it up on here once I figure out how to do it.  I think this is one disadvantage that comes with wordpress & which tumblr does a good job of.  media shenanigans.

Surprisingly, Xavier texted me & requested that we webcam.  And we did.  And I probably had the most fun conversing with a guy, the way we did, in a long time.  Ugh, did i forget to mention how amazingly HOT he is?!?! He told me i’m pretty & beautiful but oh man, my “beauty” does NOT compare to how goooood he looks haha! He mentioned that he likes my nose & he thinks it’s cute. =_= My nose is probably the worst asset I have after fatness, in my opinion.  But nonetheless, I had such a good time webcamming with him ’til I fell asleep.  [;


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