B bond, SFSU, & Jason’s

Hello, hello!

Today was quite the field-trip-ish day.
I fell asleep last night watching two shows of Grey’s & so I KO’ed pretty bad.  It was so difficult waking up, but I had to because I made plans with B [Francois].

I also had a CRAZY dream–and i mean CRAAAZY:
I dreamt that I was in my sisters tall bed with her and Jokoy and we were just sitting there talking; JoKoy kept making fun of my shoes, and I was wearing slip on vans–color white I think, pretty plain.
Then I went to a lab class I had; BOTH Miles & Dave were in my class and Dave sat right behind me and Miles next to me.  I was being super sweet with miles, holding his hand, my head on his shoulder–and I distinctively remember that I was doing it to make Dave jealous.  I’m having weird vibes about–maybe it means something.  Or maybe it’s something.  Anyways.
Then Michael VanWinkle & some other weird crazy dude graduated earlier than the rest of us [it felt like we were in HS].  I was furious that they graduated before the rest of us haha!

And thats the end of my crazy crazy dream.

So as I was saying– I think it was weird that I was trying hard to make Dave jealous.  Not to mention that looking back in hindsight– I was so much more motivated to work out when I was dating Dave, compared to Miles.  Idk. weird. I mean, I know myself–and I know that I really like Miles far more than Dave, but perhaps the time period and the attention Dave gave me was short but intense.  I have to give it to him–I never enjoyed a conversation with anyone like I did with Dave. He holds that title, that record. Ugh.  He does not deserve to receive recognition from me like that.

So I woke up, picked up B from SFSU (so weird! He’s a big boy now, student at SFSU, ugh I’m so proud and jealous at the same time!) Then we went to SKY to visit Liza’s new ENGL 846 class and got there right in time for the class to end.  Nate and Liza was there–fun seeing them again and a BIG ENERGETIC NEW COHORT! NEW KABA BABIES! YAY! Time to recruit for PCN, FSU, and Barangay/KDT!

Then we went to the cafe & talked to a few people there, went back to my car and bumped into Leslie & her doggy! We then were on our way to Fresh Choice:

I had salad
crushed hard boiled eggs
clam chowder
100-140 calorie pizza
macaroni & cheese

it felt really healthy eating all that–even the macaroni tasted healthy & light.  We were full so we agreed to go to SFSU to walk around, see the campus, see where his classes are, met up with his new love-interest, Jason.  Had a small hot-chocolate at the cafe booth and Francois had a Tall iced Chai Latte.  Went to Jasons house and hookah’d hehe. it was fun. reminded me a little of SD life.  Him and his roomies were dog-sitting a puppy and I taught Simba to sit and lay and fetch! hehe super cute–I’m pretty sure he was one fluffy havanese!  He was teething and hungry he was chewing on the treat bag.

A text from Dave. Good conversations w/ the boys.  Missed call from Miles.  Drive back home with my E-Light (on gas) on.  Home with Tichon watching Grey’s Anatomy again.

That was quite the day.  A good day off, i’d say.  Tomorrow will be interesting.  I have to do insanity twice tomorrow–have to make up for the days I’ve skipped it.  Need to become more motivated with this whole diet thing.  Good thing that I’m still at 212 lbs. so I’m not off track or anything–and I hope I won’t get off track!

So here is tomorrow’s agenda:
– insanity in the morns
– visit Iman, Anna & Krista at SSF City Clerk Office
– insanity again.
– Barangay Practice 7pm – 10pm.

I hope that a lot of people show up tomorrow.  We gotta build this name for ourselves and have it out there.

Ok, goodnight SB & other followers!



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