date: 23 August 2011
start time: 11:44pm

yikes! there was just an earthquake about 5 minutes ago.  I was watching Grey’s [I tried out House–it isn’t half as good as Grey’s is btw] and Tichon was sleeping next to me on my bed & all of a sudden the house was shaking for a good 4 seconds.  Tichon woke up & panicked; thought someone slammed at our door.  For a quick second I thought that too, but I had no doubt it was an earthquake.

Ugh– oh how I feel so skeptical about earthquakes! they scare me so much–one of my worst fears.  Living in California on the San Andreas fault & what not–scares the living daylights outta me.  Ever since I took Oceanography 100, i’ve learned so much about the Earth’s way of balancing itself and how essential earthquakes are.  After have taken that course– I continue to wish for small frequent earthquakes cause no earthquakes for a long time means a build up of energy that I pray does not happen.

I prayed instantly.  Ah.

End panicking rant.

So today, I woke up from a really cool dream–unfortunately I can’t remember.  But I went to work 11am-8pm.  It was exhausting esp since Rebecca was my backup and she never backed me up at the register.  I keep trying to ignore her but continues to tell me her lifestory.

I talked to my manager, Melissa–
Me: shes annoying the hell out of me!
Melissa: ME. TOO.
Me: ugggggh!

I didn’t work out today, felt super tired.  So i’ll sleep now and wake up early to do insanity, walk tichon, & perhaps even go to the gym.  Tomorrow’s my day off–yaaaay!

John and I had another amusing conversation.  He finally admitted that he likes me hehe.  We made plans to hang out in January-April.  Definitely.  I told him my vision about “Aryatny.” hehe.
Oh and I am NOT raising my kids to learn how to use real guns at the age of 6! SMHtothemax.

Oh & Miles called me last night.  He sounded like he was almost already sleeping– nonethelesss, he still called just to say goodnight.



end time: 11:53pm


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