Oh bittersweet hiatuses.

I really hate hiatuses, but right now I have to be the bitch that starts one.

I really can’t tolerate some of the expectations of me, I feel disrespected often times and my efforts/existence, i feel, is unappreciated & abused even.

Ugh. I’m sorry. I must go on hiatus with people that can’t respect me.  No–I’m not sorry.  People that annoy/make me angry.  I hate that things always have to go their way, not considering other’s opinions and thoughts.  I’m so fed up.

I think this is for the better.  I’ll probably save $, save more mileage on my car.  & honestly, it’s always been more about friends, and less about family.  I never listen to my mom when she says that I always drive my friends around & she doesn’t like that.  Well, I see it now.  I see that I’m the designated driver even though hella heads can drive too.  I don’t feel equal.

So my hiatus begins after Karl deploys for Afghanistan.

God speed Karlove.

All the best,



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