all i care about is money and the city that i’m from

Hihihi. So school apparently began today, but I realized my online course (psyc 200) started on Tuesday.  I was worried that I wouldn’t get my textbook in the mail in time–but I got the “We Missed You” paperslip when I got home today.

I worked at PS 9A-1:30P; then Madonna 3P-11P. Shift at Madonna past me by so fast! Pretty happy, that’s never happened before. hehe.

What I’m pretty NOT happy about is my inactivity.  I’ve been working so much so I really haven’t had time–I’m just so tired & sleep deprived.

So throughout the day, I don’t think about Miles anymore.  I did think of him twice when I was at Madonna & thought ” I should send him a text saying something HEY FANCY FACE, IT’S OVER, I CAN’T DEAL W PASSIVITY.  But I held it off long enough.  And guess what?  Miles called me. He sounded tired, stressed, tired out.  He talked to me about his day, his new classes, & the demographics of his community college–said he feels pretty smart. lol. He did talk a quite bit about his lab partner that was eyeing him before they matched up *COINCIDENTLY! HMPH! IDK BOUT THAAAAT! But whatever.

Lets be honest– when my phone was ringing, I looked at it & it said his name– I wasn’t excited like I have always been whenever he called me.  It was a pretty good conversation I’d have to say, but i don’t know–i’m sure it’s not gonna work out.  I’m thinking about just dropping it–unfortunately.  I just don’t like expecting/WANTing to expect a lot from him and then being disappointed.  It’s emotionally draining.  So I’m at a point where IDGAF. And I have to not give a damn.

Thank God tomorrow is Thursday.  My day off! But I’m gonna search for lenses (Oakley) for Didoy.  And then get my book at the Post Office–hell yes! I’m excited, school is so exciting!  I totally forgot that I have dance this Sunday 1-440P but I work 2-730p.  Alex said I can come in an hour late, so i’ll have to get that schedule fixed-yeeek! I also heard that the class needs a minimum and theres only 9 ppl. waah ): They better not cancel it.

I had a really enjoyable conversation with Mary Kevlin at work today; She’s so interesting & just lovely! She always says I have a nice smile & twinkling eyes to go with them.  I talked to her about the Philippines, going there in September, Mama Tina, Ging Ging, Tisay etc.

And then we started to talk about Civil Rights Movement–how she lived through that, and was a former University instructor & was a passionate activist.  I told her about Reverend Billy Kyles’ speech that was awe-inspiring about The Wrights Brothers, without their dream of flying in the air, we wouldn’t be able to travel one place to another: “Hold Fast–For if dreams die you are like a broken wing that cannot fly.”

I’m gonna forever love that quote.

K so i’m watching Dinner: Impossible. Grey’s soon; Goodnight! I’ll edit or blog another later.



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