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Monday, 15 August 2011

2:19am | 2:37am

Oh, hello. I will edit in a few, sit tight Aryatny!

edit 15 AUG 2011 2:19A

It’s so freezing cold.  Ok, so to explain things a little bit, I figured xanga.com/Aryatny because I named my journal [Philipa] Aryatny.  I’m kind of obsessed with that name, i’m pretty sure i’ll name my daughter Aryatny. hehe.
My plans in watching Grey’s was a fayol–mom wants to use the laptop soon, because she just got home & wants to start her Zumba! hehe, i’m really glad she’s motivated.


We made a bet that i’d have to lose 45 lbs., & she loses 30 lbs. & whoever gets closest to their goal, they pay for certain stuff–deadline is Philippines [Sep20] haha! There is no way i’m losing 45 lbs in time– hopefully she’ll forget about the bet aha! I’m certain that i’m bringing my laptop & insanity to the Philippines & cause havoc there every morning & yell out ” DIG DEEPA! ” –before the roosters do their thing.

Hmm, today I learned a little bit of petcare at work today; I shadowed Sandra a little bit which is something new & it’s so much better than to stand at the register for 8 hrs. shocked Sadly, I had to do that yesterday. /: I’m pretty glad that I didn’t have to work with Rebecca today, she’s my worst 19-year-old nightmare in San Carlos.  Every part of her is wrong. LOL that’s kind of rude. I apologize–no I don’t. Ugh I so cant wait to get into the salon/grooming! I think it’s an opportunity esp since I’m not going to school full-time yet.  I just seriously want to get my life back on track.  I’ve felt so fcuking set-back because of leaving UCSD.  I swear, if my mom approved, I would’ve tried with ALL MY MIGHT to make Med School happen.  sad (hehe these smiley faces bring back memories of my old xangas: obey_your_thizz, mahj_is_thee_coolest_8) aha!

So I’ve been so bummed out about Miles cause he’s been super MIA–seriously, I have abandonment issues! I hate that he hits me up every 2-3 or 4 days.  Yea i know that him hitting me up period says he’s still [kinda] TRYING but it’s TRUTHFULLY NOT ENOUGH! I can’t work with that.  This dude I met from OkC, his names Norjay (odd!) is atleast persistent, but that’s another story.


Time to surrender my laptop to Mom so she can get her zumba on.




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