11:24p | 12:03a

Yesterday, I went to the D with First String, Karlovey, Jaay, FARMER, & Aaron.

We left late cause Aaron’s manager ass had to work til 5pm, so we hit traffic for a little bit.  We got to the D & ate at Burgers&Brew which was pretty good– I had a lamb hamburger, pretty interesting considering it reminded me a lot of Indian food cause on lamb, it just tastes so much better with this yogurt dip, & that’s exactly what it came with.

Afterwards, we went to PinkBerry!!!!! I was the only one who got fruits–as uuuuje.  Everyone got chocolate herpe looking fudge.(see attached photo)

We talked in the pretty damn perfect weather right outside PinkBerry.  I needed to pee super bad & i dragged Jho with me to wait–i’m pretty convinced that Dusty or Jaay accidentally kept the door locked & no one was in there lol.

We then went to Safeway & bought Sweat Tea Vodka & later we got Blue Moon.  To condense the craziness: We played BP [i won of course ahehe jk–oh & Willy & I came up with this thing where we both say “FARMERS!” & then we pose like how boxers pose right after they weigh in flexing their biceps hehe!], played Chandelier [Karl won vs. Jay at the end], then Kings Cap!!!!!!

After THAT–we eventually played the game you HAVE to play– DRUNKEN EWD !! I won the first round & Aaron won the 2nd round.

Even more important than having our fun bond, we also have our honesty session; we sat in Jho’s living room & was just honest and said what we honestly think about certain things, people, etc.  Re seemed like the host of it though.  He led the discussion hehe.  Basically about “Mainys” but before that we were talking about Porn Stars, Fantasy [weird ass] scenarios. Oh & I told Aaron that I know he’s drunk when he talks a lot more than he usually does + denies it. LOL.

I’d have to say, that was a legit friend bonding night.  Felt a strong connection with everyone.

We left the D around 515am, got back home 7am, slept 730am-11am; worked 12p – 830p & the UJE — Rebecca annoyed me as always. She always has an excuse to not take my break/lunch.  Oh! I met Shannon, our District Manager [PS]. Intimidating! Pretty tall blonde charismatic slender white woman.  She asked me a scenario question & I got it wrong! waaah! But it’s Ok.  I felt pretty bad for Joe, he was red/pink the whole day.  It seems like he has authoritative issues OR he was being scolded/information overload/lectured. Ugh I feel so bad. I really love my managers at PS, they’re the best.

Anyways, time to write a little bit to Sandra in the NB & then watch grey’s, have me time a little bit and wake up early for work. I’ll blog tomorrow when I’m at Madonna, i’m taking tomorrow’s Wed’s evening shift.



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